3 Summer Adventures For Couples

While snow is beautiful and leaves are gorgeous, everyone knows summer is the best season. Summer is longer, the layers of clothing are fewer and more casual. There are many summer drinks that will cool you down. Summertime is a time for you and your one-and only to have fun.

1.”balloon Ride”

Hot Air Ballooning was something that I had always wanted to do for years. Hubby ignored my many suggestions and thought I was crazy. He finally bought me a hot air balloon ride in a hot air balloon with Virgin Balloon flights for my 30th birthday. I was thrilled and couldn’t wait until I booked a date.
Although I don’t usually start a post with negative comments, I must admit that I found the entire booking process frustrating. However, Virgin Balloon Flights did everything they could to make it as easy as possible. The places they flew to were very restricted and on all dates that we had available, they were either full booked or Hubby was at work. Staff advised us to log in as soon as possible to ensure that we were able to get on the flights as soon as they are released. In our case, it was Wednesday at 5pm.This system allowed me to book our flight and was a great success. The flight attendant told us to call them to confirm that the flight would go ahead. They need to verify that the weather is favourable before they can book the flight. Unfortunately, I booked our flights when the weather was terrible and it was cancelled seven times.I hated calling the flight line because I was constantly checking weather forecasts every time we booked. I knew the answer before I heard it, but 99 weeks and one day later, my gift of a flight meant that we were all set!
Although we arrived very early without any sign of a crew nor a balloon, we were assured that our place was safe as other passengers began to arrive. Although I was certain that the balloon was ready for us, we were unable to climb it so we had to help it unpack and get in the air.

2.”Picnic Dinner”

You finally have a reason to get out your picnic basket. Are you unsure what to make? These 40 side dishes are portable and easy to make for picnics. You can also make one indoors in the event of rain.

Whether you are anxiously waiting for a long weekend , or have the Friday flu (wink), make sure you make the most of your new freedom! Is there anything better than relaxing in the great outdoors, surrounded with delicious food, drink, and wonderful company? ... No? ..

The summer weather is here, while many will be heading to a crowded beach, why don’t you plan something special with your significant other? Here are some tips for picnic planning.

Location is king: While you can picnic practically anywhere, your choice sets the tone for everything from packing to entertainment. Will you be hiking to a picturesque spot or dining in the park? V different assembly required. Look around your area for beautiful secluded spaces. There are so many possibilities. Look for parks, botanic gardens, river banks, hikes or a quite seaside location.

Picnic Essential Gear: While your exact needs may differ, there are some essential items that we recommend including in your picnic kit.

– No. 1. A chic basket. Can you say Instagram opp? One of the most popular types of wicker baskets is the one that’s stylish and chic.

A picnic’s atmosphere is affected by the blanket you choose. Comfort is important, so choose a blanket that has a soft texture and a beautiful design. Our blankets are the best.

It’s essential to have a cooler bag and bottle tote for picnics. A light menu that includes seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as a variety of cheeses, is best for those who plan to lounge for several hours.

Entertainment: Having entertainment other than food and drinks is always a good idea.

You can always make your picnic a success with a few extra touches. Bring a portable speaker such as Sunnylife Beach Sound to blast your favorite songs.

Outdoor games are great for picnicking with children and adults. Entertainment depends on where you are picnicking, but classics such as ring-toss or a deck of cards can’t be beat.

A picnic can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. Spur-of-the-moment sandwiches on the lawn are as enjoyable as a well-planned feast! The ideal picnic is nothing more than a good location, great company, bringing something to sit on, and packing some delicious food and drinks. We hope you enjoy your weekend!

3.”Sport partners can use a beach day together”

You can pretend you’re on a mini-holiday. Make sure to pack sunscreen and grab a comfortable beach chair so you can lounge in your favorite bathing suit.


You don’t need a boutique hotel for a romantic weekend. Surprise your partner with unique activities that are different from what you do every day. You can do many things in the surrounding of Finca el Tossal: cycling, hiking, biking, fishing, and other activities.


Visit the charming towns of Alicante, Calpe, and Benidorm.


It is an attractive and romantic way to spend a romantic evening. You will discover special corners, fashion shops and art galleries on the tour. You can also reach the viewpoint, located next to the “Plaza de la Iglesia”, to enjoy the stunning views of the Bay of Altea.

Rent a sailboat in Puerto Nautico de Altea, or enjoy water sports in Campomanes (a marina located between Altea & Calpe). If you are interested in hiking and nature, there is a range of recommended routes nearby, such as El Albir Fort de Bernia and Castell de Guadalest.


Another charming town on the Costa Blanca. There are many things to see in the Old Town, including the walls of the s.XV, Torreon de la Peca, and several historical and cultural buildings.

The port is where you’ll find the charm of the town, where fishing traditions still remain. Calpe’s center is home to saltwater lagoons known as “Las Salinas”, where majestic birds like flamingos, herons, and others can be found. Some of the most important sites in the area’s history are the Queen’s Baths (Roman Baths), and the Moli del Morello Tower.

For walks and routes, Calpe has the Penon De Ifach route (a 332-meter-high mountain that was declared a National Park) and the ecological walks by Princess of Asturias Calpe Benissa.


Benidorm, a vibrant city with skyscrapers and beaches is lively. The Aiguera Park is one of the most prominent places in Benidorm. This beautiful park has a central area where you can find shows during summer. The promenade bordering the Levante beach is located to the south of the park. It can be reached in a ten minute walk.

The Balcony of the Mediterranean offers a breathtaking view that rises above small coves, making it a perfect spot for intimate getaways. There are many hiking routes that take you up the steep hills. The city comes alive at night with bars, clubs, and terraces, especially Calle Gerona.


A romantic getaway to the beach is possible in many settings. These are the best beaches for a weekend getaway.


These beaches are made of pebbles and have clear, blue waters that are calmer than Calpe or Benidorm. Many have services. However, there are also smaller coves that are less frequented and more natural.

Altea is part of the Sierra Helada Natural Park. There are many options for water sports, including diving, sailing, jet skiing, and swimming.


The coastline is composed of two main beaches, separated by the Balcon del Mediterraneo viewpoint and the marina. The coastline is made up of two main beaches separated by the marina and the Balcon del Mediterraneo viewpoint.


Calpe o?ers is the ideal place to relax as a couple. The beaches of Calpe are the perfect place to unwind and relax. El Raco is a small, tranquil beach where you can enjoy an unforgettable underwater diving experience.

La Cala Gasparet, a remote beach is only accessible by water. You can either kayak if you are looking for adventure, or sail in luxury boats with the help of yacht clubs. La Cala Calalga has turquoise waters and a variety of underwater vegetation. It is ideal for snorkeling and diving. La Cala Del Mallorqui, a private beach with clear waters is considered to be the most romantic.


This area is also home to one of the most spectacular hiking routes in Valencian Community, The Forat de Bernia Route. To reach a stunning natural balcony, you will need to crawl through a cave in the mountain. It’s a passageway cut into the rock, which crosses a mountain in Sierra de Bernia. It measures 20m long.

Extra! “Just Cook a delicious dinner together”

Don’t fancy leaving your house? Whip up something like pasta pomodoro with chicken, goat cheese and pan-roasted trout with walnut-green sauce. You can set a beautiful table alfresco, but don’t forget to use as many candles as you like!

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