One Of Our Favourite Maldives Resorts: Vilamendhoo Island

Wow where to begin! We had the most amazing time in Vilamendhoo, a luxurious resort and island in the Maldives. We were able to stay on the property and review one their over-water jacuzzi villas. Vilamendhoo Resort & Spa receives our honest feedback in what would be one of our favourite reviews. We had a 10 night stay, and it was in a great location on the island as it was in the middle, so close to everything. It was also very close to the adults-only area. We’ve been to the maldives before, and we met other couples there that had been to other islands (which were also amazing) but everyone agreed thought Vilamendoo was (so far at least) winning the contest. It was just amazing from start to finish.

Pros & Cons (Let’s start with the pros!)
– Food: We had the All inclusive package, which I highly recommend. The restaurant which we ate in was the Funama restaurant. It was a buffet each day. I’m not really a fan of buffet food, however, this completely changed while staying in Vilamendhoo. The food was outstanding and at every mealtime, there was a really good selection, so I think it would suit everyone as there really is something there for every taste! We had intended on eating in the Asian restaurant, however, we were very happy to eat here each night.

– Drinks: Really good selection and nearly all included in the all-inclusive package. We mainly drank wine and beer, both a really high standard. The red wine was especially good (but it would have been great to have a second red wine option included in the all-inclusive package) and I also had a few margaritas which were yum!

– Snorkelling: I’ve heard from a few people that the reef can be quite far out on some islands, in Vilamendhoo once you step into the water your practically at the reef! It was outstanding, we saw loads of baby sharks and rays, such a cool experience. We’ve been snorkelling in Thailand and it doesn’t compare to this island. We brought our own snorkel gear which was really handy. I know you can rent gear for a daily rate, not sure how much but I think its definitely worth bringing your own.

– Kayaking and paddleboarding: You can do the kayaking for 1 hour per day on the all-inclusive package, we done this once and had intended to do it again but didn’t get around to it. It was really good. We done paddle boarding which was $32 for an hour, this was fun however my boyfriend was more into it than I was but good fun.

– The spa: I got 2 massages while I was here and they were both amazing. I got the Balinese massage both times and it was so good, you get a 20% discount if you book within two days of arriving. The relaxation room after is also a lovely experience, I could have sat there for the day!

– Asian Wok: We went here for a drink one of the days, we sat outside and had the most amazing view. I’d definitely recommend going here for a drink during the day. Staff also very friendly here.

– Pool where you get unlimited ice cream: Yes, unlimited ice-cream! And milkshakes. Great service around the pool, the staff were very friendly here and the service was great. We got drinks and ice cream brought over to our loungers each day.

– Minibar: Everything in the minibar is included in the all-inclusive package besides the prosecco. It’s refilled each day.

– Room cleaning services: We had the same man who cleaned our room each day. It was cleaned to a very high standard each day and they did a turndown service each night.

– Gym: We used the gym most days, a really good gym with everything we needed. It was also very quiet each time we went which was a bonus and it was located really close to our villa.

– Sunset cruise: This is an absolute must. We seen so many dolphins, they were literally swimming right next to the boat, it was such an amazing experience and is included in the all-inclusive package.

– Wifi: The wifi was actually really good (not perfect as we had to reset the router sometimes but good). We even done Facetime and no delay in the line. Wifi available all over the island.

Cons (Mosquitos!)

– Service: The service overall was very good however the management need to clamp down on the number of rules. We didn’t understand some of the rules! For example, we ordered a sandwich from the Bonti bar, I asked could I get a side of fries with it and was told blankly ‘No’ I’d need to order the burger if I wanted to get fries! So we then had to order a free burger just to get the fries which is just a waste of food (but we ate the burger!) On another occasion, we asked could we bring a coffee back to the room from the restaurant (we didn’t eat breakfast that morning, just wanted a cappuccino) however we were told we couldn’t (which I understand if they didn’t want us walking with hot drinks however the staff members never gave a solution or another option) for example: ‘You can’t bring the cappuccino back to your room, however we will get one sent to your room by one of the waiters), similar when ordering drinks in the restaurant at closing time, we were told we had to move to the next table beside us (in the bar) to order but they could easily have given our order to one of the waiters in the bar as the tables were right next to each other. Overall the service was very good, however, no solutions offered which I guess is really management’s fault.

– Shampoo and conditioner: First lesson, bring your own!! They only have a ‘conditioning shampoo’ in the rooms with no separate conditioner, my hair felt like straw after 10 days of use!

– There are mosquitos on every island. But bring your own Mosquito repellent and bite relief cream: and bring enough of it, you can get this in the gift shop however its $21 each (which is pretty expensive), and the repentant they sell doesn’t work. We brought a bottle of “Pyramid Trek 50” with us which we bought on Amazon before we went and worked perfectly if applied twice a day (it’s not water-resistant) but it only lasted for two people 5 days (we were there for 10 days). So buy at least 2 bottles! Also, apply it before you land on the island because this was when we got most of our first bites as we had nothing on. We also bought a bottle of Smidge Insect Repellent but like the one we bought on the island that didn’t work very well. Even after using Pyramid Trek 50 you’ll definitely get bitten so I advise buying After Bite before you go (we bought this when we got home and it stopped the itching). There are other things you can take like garlic supplements and antihistamine tablets, might be a good idea. I’d also advise bringing your own sun cream, toiletries, the gift shop have a small selection but very expensive.

Vilamendhoo’s Duniye Spa is also perched high above the water for relaxation. You can even see the sea life below from your massage bed!

I loved the traditional Maldivian warmth and friendliness that the staff displayed at Vilamendhoo. As soon as you arrive on the island, a local drummer will greet you with traditional Maldivian music.

I was impressed by the professionalism of my waiters and chefs during meal times. They took note of all my dietary restrictions and made sure to explain everything. Excellent service.

Vilamendoo negative reviews are rare, but they do exist. This Maldivian gem, located at the South Ari Atoll, offers unparalleled luxury and the ideal Maldivian getaway. We will be back to stay in Vilamendhoo, we loved every moment of our stay!

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