Top 10 Weekend Getaways to Take in Europe

Are you planning a weekend getaway to Europe? These are the top weekend getaways in Europe, each with an international airport.

It can be difficult to decide where to spend your weekend in Europe, a continent so vast and diverse. Do you want to stroll along cobblestone streets and have a gelato in your hand? Or do you prefer to see all the museums or just enjoy the sunshine? These European weekend destinations have it all.

“Paris, France”

Although Paris might seem overwhelming with so many sites and opportunities, you can still experience all of its splendor in just a weekend. We recommend that you plan your route and arrive prepared to see all of Paris’s most important sites.

You want to see Moulin Rouge and Champs Elysees? The Eiffel Tower, Musee D’Orsay and Shakespeare and Company. It’s easy to map it! Metro is your friend.

“Dublin, Ireland”

Dublin is Ireland’s capital and largest city. However, it is possible to visit all major attractions in Dublin in just a few hours if you are able to walk around the downtown area and use the public transit system. The Guinness Storehouse is a great place to start your Dublin adventure. You can also visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Dublin Castle. Kilmainham Gaol is another option.

“Venice, Italy”

Venice, built on over 100 islands in northern Italy is a popular destination for both casual tourists and honeymooners. Spend your weekend in Venice visiting St. Mark’s Square. People watch at Piazza San Marco. Wander along the canals and take a Gondola ride.

“London, UK”

Because London is so large and has many sites, we suggest choosing one or two neighborhoods to focus on during your weekend visit. You can choose your preferred style, whether it’s Soho or Kensington, Greenwich and Camden, Shoreditch or Westminster. Take your time exploring London.

London, United Kingdom. Original public domain image

“Brussels, Belgium”

Brussels is a city that is as charming as it is eccentric. It is the ideal weekend getaway for anyone looking for a unique experience. Spend some time enjoying a chocolate waffle and expressing your confusion at Mannekin Pis. Take a walk around Mini-Europe Park, explore Grand Place, take a beer tour and learn about the history of Smurfs.

“Cinque Terre, Italy”

Cinque Terre is a beautiful region, with many picturesque villages. It’s a great weekend getaway. It is possible to visit all of the villages in a weekend. If you prefer a slower pace, choose your favorite two or three and then plan your trip from there. You can enjoy Cinque Terre activities like hiking, kayaking and noodle-eating.

“Bergen, Norway”

Bergen is the perfect place to visit if you are looking for urban and natural beauty as a weekend getaway. Bergen is home to fresh seafood, the Bergenhus Fortress and a museum. You can also explore Bergen’s past by visiting a museum. Get out in the wild and kayak through the fjords.

“Prague, Czech Republic”

Prague is a great city to visit for weekend getaways because it is very walkable and offers many amazing sites. You can visit Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, the Old Town and, if your spirit takes you, an Absintherie.

“Berlin, Germany”

Berlin is a unique blend of modern, contemporary, historic, and artsy all in one. It all depends on what you are interested in, because there is an activity for everyone.

You can spend a weekend at the Jewish Museum or New Museum. If you are looking for something more relaxed, go to Mitte.

“Amsterdam, The Netherlands”

Amsterdam is a beautiful city that is very accessible by bike and pedestrians.

Plan your Amsterdam stay by visiting one of the museums (Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh are great options), the Anne Frank House, the Jordaan district, the canal cruise and a tour of the Old Town.

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