Ultimate Africa Honeymoon Bucket List

Africa is more than a destination on your bucket list. It’s a continent that offers adventure, heritage and colour, as well as incredible landscapes, wildlife and wildlife. We’ve identified 12 iconic African journeys that you should add to your Africa bucket-list.

“Masai Mara, Kenya”

The Masai Mara is famous for its large cats, tree-climbing Lions and annual migration of more than one and a quarter million wildebeest. The Big Five game viewing is exceptional. Game drives are the most popular way to see the reserve. However, hot air balloon rides over the grasslands offer a unique safari experience. The Masai Mara is not just about the wildlife, it’s also the opportunity to interact with the rich culture and Maasai people. This must be on every African’s bucket list.

This amazing itinerary features six nights at the most exclusive and spectacular camps in Masai Mara: Beautiful Places & Open Spaces.

The Big Five game viewing is exceptional

“Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe & Zambia”

The iconic Victoria Falls is a natural wonder of the world and a must-see on any Africa bucket list. Both Zimbabwe and Zambia can be seen from the Falls, each offering their own unique way to experience it. The adventurous and brave can take the plunge across Zambia’s Knife-Edge Bridge, which swings approximately 100m above the Falls. Or whitewater raft on Lower Zambezi’s turbulent waters.

This luxury itinerary seamlessly blends a South African stay with the Victoria Falls Tour.

Both Zimbabwe and Zambia can be seen from the Falls

“South Africa, Western Cape”

The Western Cape is South Africa’s most vibrant, diverse and beautiful province. It should be on your Africa bucket list. The Western Cape offers everything: vast mountains, beautiful beaches, nature reserves that protect marine life, wildlife, and world-class vineyards as well as incredible fine dining. Cape Town is a city that offers culture, food, nature, and city life. You can also visit the Cape Winelands to find world-class wines, restaurants, and amazing whale watching.

This amazing itinerary combines the best parts of the Western Cape: Luxury Cape Town Winelands, and Whale Route.

The Western Cape offers everything

“Okavango Delta Botswana”

The Okavango Delta, also known locally as the “river that never finds its sea”, is a dense network of waterways, islands, and hillocks. It has one of Africa’s most varied and richest concentrations of wildlife and bird species, including the rare Pel’s Fishing Owl and the Big 5. For a unique experience in game viewing, explore the Delta from a traditional mokoro canoe.

This itinerary is ideal for adventurous travelers who are looking for a Big Game safari. This itinerary is a favorite because of its combination of land- and water-based game viewing: The Jewels in the Okavango Delta.

The Jewels in the Okavango Delta

“Marine Safari, Mozambique”

Mozambique is Africa’s most beautiful and wildest hidden gem. Mozambique’s Indian Ocean coast is home to the largest marine protected area in Africa, with coral reefs and isolated islands. You can snorkel, scuba dive or sea kayak the area, and even explore it from the bow of a traditional Dhow. A marine safari in this tropical paradise, home to dolphins, whale sharks, mantra rays, dugongs, and sea turtles is an unforgettable experience that you should add to your Africa bucket list.

This itinerary will take you to Benguerra Island, Mozambique for a private island holiday.

Mozambique’s Indian Ocean coast is home to the largest marine protected area in Africa

“Gorilla Trekking, Uganda & Rwanda”

There are only around 1000 mountain gorillas left, with most of them living in three protected national parks in Uganda and Rwanda: Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable forest in Uganda. Each park is limited to a certain number of permits per year. This makes it a unique, immersive and unforgettable Africa bucket list experience.

This itinerary offers the opportunity to see the iconic mountain gorilla, Uganda Gorilla Express Holiday.

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable forest in Uganda

“Kruger, South Africa”

Kruger National Park, home to the famous Big 5 safari, is one of the oldest and most prolific wildlife reserves worldwide. The Kruger safari is a great choice for both first-time and seasoned safari travelers. Kruger also hosts over 500 bird species, including the rarer ‘little five’: the ant lion and leopard tortoise as well as the elephant shew, rhino beetle, buffalo weaver, and elephant shew.

This itinerary includes a South African Big 5 safari, followed by a seven-night beach holiday on Mauritius’ paradise Indian Ocean island.

Rhino beetle

“Skeleton Coast Namibia”

One of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world is The Skeleton Coast. This is where a desert-like landscape meets an icy ocean current, creating a wild, barren, and unspoiled environment. This safari destination is unlike any other. This is an amazing safari destination for adventure travelers. You can climb the high sand dunes and photograph historical shipwrecks. You can also hot air balloon over vast landscapes to meet Himba people.

This fly-in itinerary takes in Namibia’s top destinations in just 2 weeks. It also includes luxury accommodation in Luxury Namibia Fly-In Safari.

The Kruger safari is a great choice for both first-time and seasoned safari travelers

“Island-Hopping, Seychelles”

It is best to hop between the main islands and the smaller, more remote islands of the Seychelles. This can be done by boat, light aircraft, or ferry. Some private islands are only accessible by helicopter, however. You can spend your days floating between the private pool deck of your villa, unspoiled beaches, relaxing in spa treatments, or snorkelling and diving in turquoise waters over vast coral reefs. It sounds so dreamy, doesn’t?

The special three-island Seychelles “combo” makes for a tropical paradise honeymoon: Seychelles Magical 3-Island Honeymoon Paradise.

Some private islands are only accessible by helicopter

“Great Migration, Serengeti, Tanzania”

One of Africa’s most famous and epic safari experiences is the Great Migration. The annual migration of almost two million wildebeest, accompanied by nearly a million gazelle, zebra and other antelope, as they chase rains across Tanzania, Kenya, and seek better grazing. This wildlife spectacle is sure to take your breath away.

This itinerary allows you to see both the Masai Mara as well as the Serengeti.

The annual migration of almost two million wildebeest

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